Confess – Burn Em’ All

We’re not too sure what they’re putting in the water over there in Scandinavia but here we are again with yet another fired up five piece, this time around hailing from Sweden. Are Confess truly bringing the fire with their latest album ‘Burn Em’ All’ or will it simply fizzle, pop and fade out… Kicking of with the tribal poundings of ‘So What’ things are off to a totally teeth rattling start. Fast, furious and real high octane, the fuse has been lit and the sparks are definitely flying – let’s do this! …After the first couple of tracks Confess seem to loose some of their initial freight train pace, there’s seems a sort of ‘tiring’ in their initial fiery rock ’n’ roll onslaught. Luckily as we move on we’re swiftly kicked in the crotch as the rhythm section get back to it with ‘Burn ‘Em All’, fast, relentless and primal, yes, here we go…or not…we’re then hit with ‘Is It Love’ this tune makes for a somewhat dated sound and really slows the album’s addictive pace, fortunately as soon as 509 spins up all’s forgotten, hold tight things are turning nasty once again! Listening to the album there’s a sense that ‘Burn Em’ All’ seems like a cut-and-shut of two albums, one that’s ballsy, heavy and riotous but forced to lurk in the shadow of a bigger brother, a brother that’s still rocking a pony tail even though the tops gone. This album seems slightly confused, there’s obviously a whole load of talent here, musically tight with strong well crafted vocals but the pacing and arrangement of the album seems somewhat weak in places making for a slightly rollercoaster listen, shame.

Platinum Overdose – Murder In High Heels

Retro radio rock ’n’ roll is the only way to describe ‘Murder In High Heels’. If you’re a fan of sun drenched cruising, silk shirt unbuttoned then these late 80’s well groomed rockers are a must for you. We’re talking the vocal pitch and lyric styling of Firehouse and Warrant with an immaculate diamante covered kick of Ratt, something that’s maybe not surprising with rhythm guitar being taken care of by Matt Thorr ex Stephen Pearcy. The opening track immediately raised a smile, ‘Pretty & Punk’ has to be one of the oddest track titles this particular band could have chosen, they may well be pretty who’s to say, but PUNK! Most definitely not! The rest of the album’s much more fitting ‘Young And Wild’, ‘By Bye Baby, ‘Need Your Love’ and alike, but hey it raised a giggle here! This albums not going to break any barriers, it doesn’t light a fire under your ass, nor does fill your veins with stinging adrenaline, but it WILL be spun again and again by those die hard rockers that just can’t shake that late 80’s monkey on their back. The album’s well produced, the protagonists are well seasoned pros who know exactly what’s needed like the back of their guitar case, but it is what it is, retro radio rock that you either dig or deplore – we’ll let you choose…

No Sympathy – Dolls With Balls

For starters, what a killer title for an album! No Sympathy kick of proceedings with the glittering, sun drenched soundtrack of Sunset Strip. Teased hair, smeared mascara and snotty lipstick punk ’n’ roll – we love it! ‘Zero in on My Heart’ ignites the show, a prime example of LA’s glam and sleaze scene of the early 90’s. No Sympathy may well have been cast from a well known and proven glam-band mould but they have a sound that is truly theirs. The sticky-sweet vocals of ‘Catfish’ are no more apparent than on ‘All Fall Down’, fast paced and everything that any glitter-punk could wish for in abundance, reminiscent of thee glam-gurus ‘Revlon Red’! The band however do have a slightly darker, more sinister sound that is equally as entertaining. A great example of this being ‘Hypnotised’ a sneering, creeping track laced with a more mysterious sleaze-goth sound, the addictively dangerous side of the band maybe…No Sympathy have definitely put their own spin on a sound completely saturated by wannabe’s and train-wrecks, where only the few make the grade. We recon ‘Dolls with Balls’ is such an apt title for these painted LA glamsters, they’re sound and vibe is as sweet as candy…but don’t be fooled…this candy’s twisted, undeniable twisted you’ll just have to suck it and see, we recon we got lucky!