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Dallas – Over The Edge Ep + ST Jap CD

Do you like your sound sorta BIG? Do you like your sound sorta stadium BIG?
Do you like your sound sorta anthemic stadium BIG? Good! Hook yourself up with Dallas, Over The Edge. With production as slick as a greased boa constrictor this is seriously tight, the sound is massively full and polished to a beautiful shine. Luckily this offering hasn’t been hit with the Hollyweird stick, it’s all under control, keeping its musical integrity firmly intact. Appealing to radio rockers, AOR lovers and your average Joe alike, Dallas is so well crafted, hideously catchy and super commercial but in the very best of ways. Definitely not hiding in the shadows this is one EP that blazes its own trail with monster tracks such as ‘The Devil Is Rock’n’ Roll and of course the obligatory heart wrenching big ballad that is ‘I Close My Eyes’. Big, ballsy and well considered arrangements make this small unassuming EP a seriously BIG deal not to be ignored!
BUT! – What happens when the Dallas well runs dry, the glittering hooks and stadium rhythm falls silent and you’re left alone, lost and hungry for more…well, that’s easy…you tune your dial into the full blown album – DALLAS!!!  That’s right, the EP was your delicious starter, a little something you get you salivating like a beautifully rabid dog and then a silver platter floats your way on which sits the genius that is ‘ DALLAS’ the album – time to tuck in! BUT! – was the EP starter better than the main? Should you have filled up on the smalls before this course? Are you going to be left sifting through the bones and scraps to find a musical morsel? Get real! If you loved the EP then get yourself a huge helping of the main, you’ll definitely be back for seconds, or even thirds. ‘ DALLAS’ is the perfect accompaniment to ‘Over The Edge’ equally big and equally satisfying. With huge big gun rockers like ‘Miles Away’ and radio rockers such as ‘Don’t Ever Stop’ and ‘I wanna Buy You a Star’ it’s time to fire up the rag-top and hit the strip. A solid EP and an equally solid album, if you fancy a contagious sing-a-long and some real good time memories – turn it UP!

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