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Hardcore Superstar – “You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll” CD Review

It’s been too long…was the wait really worth it…are these Scandinavian wise guys past it…probably…who the FKN’ hell are we kidding!!! We LUV HCSS!!! This new offering is nothing short of nuclear – welcome back boys!!! One spin later, our ears are bleeding, our pumped up hearts are ready to blow and are ribs are shattered – we’ve loved every barre, every beat and every harmony. This band always have been, and continue to be, SO damn tight, production is a tip-top as ever and these new tracks are HUGE, they’re cheeky, cocky and so memorable. The title track ‘You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll’ unleashes fist pumping harmonies like never before, clever guitar quips, pounding drums and those crisp vocals that we all know and love from front man Joakim “Jocke” Berg, unmistakeable, unforgettable. The single ’Have Mercy On Me’ drags you kicking and screaming onstage with these Scandi riot boys to preach power, unity and offer up a large dose of FU! – What’s not to like eh!? The pace of this album is as you’d expect, try and keep up if you can, after listening you’re gonna need a serious lay down or even a rock ’n’ roll resuscitation team on hand! To summarise if you like your music, tongue in cheek, loud, hard and harmonious then hook yourself up, the HCSS boys have come back swinging and you’re guaranteed one hell of a time, that you’ll never forget – brace yourself!

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