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No Sympathy – Dolls With Balls

For starters, what a killer title for an album! No Sympathy kick of proceedings with the glittering, sun drenched soundtrack of Sunset Strip. Teased hair, smeared mascara and snotty lipstick punk ’n’ roll – we love it! ‘Zero in on My Heart’ ignites the show, a prime example of LA’s glam and sleaze scene of the early 90’s. No Sympathy may well have been cast from a well known and proven glam-band mould but they have a sound that is truly theirs. The sticky-sweet vocals of ‘Catfish’ are no more apparent than on ‘All Fall Down’, fast paced and everything that any glitter-punk could wish for in abundance, reminiscent of thee glam-gurus ‘Revlon Red’! The band however do have a slightly darker, more sinister sound that is equally as entertaining. A great example of this being ‘Hypnotised’ a sneering, creeping track laced with a more mysterious sleaze-goth sound, the addictively dangerous side of the band maybe…No Sympathy have definitely put their own spin on a sound completely saturated by wannabe’s and train-wrecks, where only the few make the grade. We recon ‘Dolls with Balls’ is such an apt title for these painted LA glamsters, they’re sound and vibe is as sweet as candy…but don’t be fooled…this candy’s twisted, undeniable twisted you’ll just have to suck it and see, we recon we got lucky!

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