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Shock Tu – All Areas

Who’s up for some solid early 90’s glam-rock, anthemic vocals, an abundance of guitar solo’s, wild keyboards and heart felt ballads… if that’s got your musical motor running you won’t go far wrong with Joey C. Jones and Shock Tu! This albums been a long time coming, surviving the ravages of uncertain recording deals and lack lustre financing were pleased to confirm ‘All Areas’ has firmly landed and it truly doesn’t disappoint. From the first barres of ‘Summer Song’ Joey’s vocals are super strong, perfectly suited to the band’s sound, coupled with totally silky solos, polished production and tracks that can easily stand the test of time, you’ve got a great listen on your hands. The albums varied, well arranged and considered, ‘Over And Over Again’ gives off a definite Beatles vibe, ‘Can’t Get Enough’ will have you singing-along in seconds and those feel good sounds of ‘Can’t Get Enough’ make for such a fun spin. We really can’t find a track we don’t like on this album, if we had too maybe ‘Rollin’ Numbers’ a bonus ditty but now we’re being picky. The albums lighthearted, well crafted and the talent of its members really does shine through, these guys sure know their trade. We totally dig the pumped up RNR cover of ‘Love Grows’ originally by Edison Lighthouse – a triumph in our opinion. If you like your glam-rock, AOR, 90’s rock or whatever you’d like to call it, do yourself a solid and pick up Shock Tu – ‘All Areas’ this release has ‘winner’ written all over it – turn it UP!

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