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The Cruel Intentions – “No Sign of Relief” CD Review

Snotty, crude, dirty, abusive and full of Scandinavian RNR swagger just another night out with ‘The Cruel Intentions’ crew. Consisting of malevolent bassist Mats Wernerson, sneering ex-Vains of Jenna singer Lizzy DeVine, skin bashing Robin Nilsson and black hearted guitarist Kristian Nygaard Solhaug this debut isn’t making any apologies, get in its way and it’ll tear you a new one…you’ve been warned! Nothing unique, nothing clever but everything rock ’n’ roll, totally gritty, grinding guitar, invasive raspy vocals and booming relentless drums all laced with huge momentous harmonies, this band may well be ‘full of it’ but hell they do it well. With tracks such as ‘Genie’s Got a Problem’ you’ll be singing along within minutes, infected by the gutter-glitter lyrics like a sick rabid dog, couple that with sing-a-long tracks such as ‘Reckoning’ and the heart felt ‘Go Fuck Yourselves’ what more do you want, this album truly is ‘Chaos in a Bombshell’. No Sign of Relief is a filthy train wreck, a beautiful, filthy rock ’n’ roll train wreck, we totally love it! The Cruel Intentions offer up a stinging shot in the arm that you never want to end, a rock solid album that if it were on vinyl we’d smash to tiny pieces and chew until our gums bled just to enter into the spirit of the band – ‘No Sign of Relief’ – we don’t want fkn’ relief we want MORE – AWESOME!

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