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Thomas Silver – The Gospel According To Thomas

Let’s see what ex Hardcore Superstar guitarist Thomas Silver has to offer with his solo release ‘The Gospel According To Thomas’. On the initial spin of this new release the first thing that hits isn’t the expected guitar alchemy that we all know Thomas for but more his dark, deep vocal which is complex and definitely haunting at times. Thomas’s Scandinavian heritage produces a heady mix, heavily spiced with HIM’s Ville Valo, Dogs D’amour’s Tyla and solid echoes of Mr Billy Idol. As you’d expect the whole album rings of Thomas’s trademark guitar sound, effortlessly skipping from note to note and chord to chord, a pleasure to hear and feel throughout. The Gospel According To Thomas is a refreshing listen on many levels, the album couldn’t be pigeon holed as many can, it exists on its own merit, on it’s own craft and creativity. If you love HCSS don’t expect Thomas to be caught resting on his laurels this album is 100% his own, the vibe, the artwork, the arrangements, The Gospel According To Thomas is one that is well worth lending an ear to, you may learn something, solid rock ’n’ roll from a sleazy seasoned professional.

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