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Tommy Paris – The Tommy Paris Band

For those die hard rawkers out there in the musical wilderness the name ‘Tommy Paris’ will conjure up fond memories of when rock ’n’ roll had glamour, when it had swagger and a whole fistful of glittering style…the days of Britny Fox! Well, if this is you, you’ll be stoked to read Tommy Paris, vocalist of the aforementioned Britny Fox has a solo album out guaranteed to feed your insatiable appetite for all things rawk! Paris handles vocals, guitar and also keys on this release and you can tell that this is a guy with form, the tracks are well structured, catchy and delicately laced with that unforgettable and unmistakable vocal from back in the day. However don’t get things twisted, this isn’t a rehash, this isn’t a new Britny Fox offering this is the Tommy Paris solo album, it’s current and considered. The more you listen the more the album feeds you, initially we were a little underwhelmed, but as we pulled the album apart you can hear the many layers and feel the years of experience pulsing from Paris filtering through. For some the album may be a little safe, maybe even generic, for others there may be too many musical whistles and bells. However, if you like your rock ’n’ roll seriously classy with time proven ear bending solos and that slick vocal that could only ever be Tommy Paris then hook yourself up, you won’t be disappointed.

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